Thursday, February 9

How to design your blog..

Designing a blog is very important in attracting more readers to it. How to design a blog is illustrated as follows. Here, we take only one example of adding 'follow by email' option to our blog.
Once we login to our blog, the folloing will be the window...

Here, we do as follows...
1)      Press ‘DESIGN’ (See the picture 1)

2) This is the area where we can design..Clicking on the 'Add a Gadget' will take to another pop up window. Click on + button to add 'follow by email'..

3) The following will be the next pop up window.. Clicking save will close the window automatically..

4) Finally, Just click on 'Save' and close this window...Or after saving you may view the blog as marked in following picture...

5) Now see the blog where the option ' follow by email'

To add many other options like face book badge, visitors track feed, etc; just visit any page having all these settings and find the option below these elements..
Thereby we can add many elements to our blog..Add all the elements needed by clicking on 'add a gadget' . We can easily add in the same way many other elements like
1) About me,
2) Ttile
3) Followers
4) Facebook page
5) Blog view
and so on........


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