Friday, September 16

The lover who lost his heart

Everywhere I was searching for you,
But I didn’t find you anywhere.
I wrote your name on my wall.
Laymen started staring at me.
Many questioned me. 
Many guessed who it is.
It was my great secret.
I dint say anyone who it is.
And at last, I replaced your name to my memory.
Then my memory was full.
But, none knew what was alerting me
And the less I faced the questions.
The lesser I faced the questions the lesser I remembered you.
Years after, your name became vague in my mind.
And I forgot you and your name.
But I came to know that you were still remembering me.
I was exclaimed how it was!
I was answered that you replaced me on your heart.
You dedicated your heart for my memories.  

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